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Sebastian Gottlieb aka MellowNightz, is a german producer and pianist.

His musical influences range from classical to modern sounds.

Besides releasing new music every week on his youtube channel, he is working with several other artists and producers from around the world. Justin Tyler and David Wong are a few of the major collaborations in the past year. The ladder one scored almost 100.000 hits on youtube.

In 2010, he got introduced to Enois Scroggins and they started working on two songs which ultimately lead to the collaboration with Diggy Down Recordz.Since 2013, he is also working with his producer colleague CB On The Track, WeGlobalMusic.

MellowNightz brings classic and modern urban music to the table, which matches well with the Funk of Diggy Down Recordz.


Currently, he is working on beats for several Diggy Down Artists such as B.Thompson, Gista...


An original project is going to be released on Diggy Down Recordz in the near future as well, so stay tuned.

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