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Jovan releases his highly anticipated R&B/Soul debut album, 'Not Made For These

Times', February 14, 2018 to all digital and musical outlets. 'Not Made For These Times'

is comprised of 17 original tracks that will quench the thirst craving appetite of R&B/Soul

collectors worldwide. Motivated by many of his own personal experiences, Jovan

combines his creative writing ability with perfect melodies over impeccable production.

The end results delivering songs ranging from the club banger and lead single, "ChiTown

Lovin". Produced by French producer, Sick So.

The bedroom knocker', "Guilty", a definite woman pleaser.

Passion for music’s evocative qualities has lead this talented artist to pursue his

dreams in spite of his challenge, being visually impaired. Jovan was born in Chicago,

Illinois on Tuesday, November 26. At the tender age of six his proud mother, Ms. Gloria

Benson and excited Grandparents, Willie and Otha Lacy knew that he was destined for

greatness. Evidence of his vocal abilities were apparent when he began singing in the

local church. Around that same time Jovan also became fascinated with the piano. It had

become clear to most that his talent for singing and playing the piano was something

special. Growing up with his grandparents, he was influenced by many of the music

industry's greats, like, Stevie wonder, Prince, Donnie Hathaway, The Temptations, and

many more. He would unknowingly hone his craft by pretending to be one of these

artists. One day his grandmother walked in on him while pretending to be Stevie Wonder.

When he finished she looked at him and said, “I know who Stevie wonder is but who is

Jovan?” From that day forward Jovan had aspirations of becoming a professional singer.

At the age of 14 he learned about music engineering and began recording himself. In his

quest to find Jovan, he has perfected the art of writing, arranging songs as well as

producing original music for himself as well as other artists and exhibits this through his

debut album, 'Not Made For These Times'.

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