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Lazar Stankovic aka Dreamer In The Cut was born in Serbia on September 3rd 1998. He has been a part of the Hip hop culture since a young teen, especially being a fan of Old School Hip hop. But it wasn't until he heard Tupac Amaru Shakur that everything started for him. When Lazar was only 8 years old he heard Tupac's first songs and instantly fell in love with his music. He could relate to the passion and realism that he heard in his music. Being very tied to the West Coast sounds, G-Funk is what he produces the most, but besides that he also produces Gangsta Rap, Soul, Hip-Hop and mainly West Coast music. After several months of producing for fun, in 2014 he decided to start working with rappers and selling beats online while receiving excellent reviews about his music. He worked with rappers from California, North Dakota, Miami and Africa. His goals are to keep creating innovative music, and to always deliver the best sound possible. Dreamer Beats creates a live sounding experience from the booth to the streets. A lot of effort and detail is being put into every instrumental.

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