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Keith Johnson

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Keith “KJ” Johnson was born September 23, 1978. At a very young age he enjoyed performing. He first started singing at the tender age of five. For most of his childhood throughout his late teenage years, he sang with local family groups including The Living Lights and The Gospel Souls. After losing his mother at the age of twelve, music became the catalyst to help him become transparent about his pain, fears, joy, and struggles. Through his songs, everyone can hear his expressive passion behind what he’s been created to do. 

Music has always been a part of Keith. He enjoys writing, singing, and producing all genres of music. He has been inspired by artists such R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, Commissioned, and John P. Kee because of their writing styles and unique ability to convey music. 

In 2005, F.O.T.L. Productions was established and Keith held part ownership of the company. Keith is a former member of the Contemporary Gospel Group called “FAVOR.” Together, they traveled from coast to coast performing at venues like the Performing Arts Competition in CA and Bobby Jones Gospel in Las Vegas, NV. They also produced two albums entitled, I Could Never Repay You, released in 2007 and Your Love, released in 2009. In 2010, Keith released a solo album entitled CrossRoad which he composed and produced on his own.   

In 2014, Keith became CEO of F.O.T.L. Productions II where he has produced many notable artists such as Michelle Brown, Rodne’ J, Armah Ogund’e, and T’Ambre just to name a few. He also worked with Mylezia King, writing, producing, mixing & mastering her hit single “Anxious.”  In 2015 Keith release 3 R & B singles entitled “Hurt You Again, “Late Night Call” and “I Choose You.”  To date, Keith is working internationally with Diggy Down Recordz located in France on his “European Project.” 
Keith’s captivating lyrics is a therapeutic dialogue that creatively connects him to his audience when one’s words might be incomprehensible. 

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